Method & Apparatus, Issue 1

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Method and Apparatus is an e-zine on the use of free/cheap/accessible tools to create works of digital art. We publish creations along with some documentation of the creative process that led to them, in the spirit of the scientific practice of reproducibility. Think of it as pairing a film release with its “making of” (on a much much smaller scale). For more info, see

This is the very first issue! After the next one is published, this one will be made available free of charge. Tentatively, we plan to publish on a quarterly basis.

Table of Contents:

1 - Nathaniel Smith - 3 digital poems (poetry made with Prosaic)

2 - Tara Copplestone - Cliffords Tower (interactive architecture made with Unity)

3 - Jason Reed - Weekend Trains (tune made with Beepbox)

4 - Thomas Winningham - untitled (image made with Quil)

5 - Jamie Perconti - Bursts (tune made with Beepbox)

6 - Katherine Ye - syntax (text processing program made with Haskell)

7 - Chris Martens - lovely garden (game/simulation made with LOVE2D)

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  • You'll get a zipped folder of contributions!
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Method & Apparatus, Issue 1

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